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About Cbas Creative




Cbas Creative is a design agency specializing in branding, product key visuals and creative content. Here at Cbas Creative, we love to push creative boundaries and think outside the box. Being original and unique is a substantial design value we use to create something iconic for your business needs. Keeping up-to-date with the latest design and style trends is vital for creating an impactful strategy. Our team has a solid background in delivering POS (Point of Sales) assignments with print and web applications.


We value our customer’s experience when working with Cbas Creative. We hone in on how to deliver each project in a professional and timely manner and ensure the client knows the whys behind our creative direction to help achieve optimal results. We think of our design process as a joint venture to think outside the box while confirming our client’s vision and direction.


Cbas Creative also offers video editing, videography and photography. We have a skilled team that is highly proficient in Photoshop. We think of them as Photoshop surgeons—taking images that may not be perfect and eliminating any unneeded visual imagery while replacing it with the raw image content.

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