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Let's create a visual identity that represents your company's image and values while communicating with a simple, compelling and unique logo to your audience. This will help your brand stand out from your competitors’ and be recognizable as an identity across all mediums. Simple and effective is the game. Some of the most iconic brands have done this so well - Coke, Apple and Nike, to name a few. I am confident you can visualize their logo after reading their brand name.


Product Key Visuals

Creating a key visual will help your brand establish long-term relations with your audience. Using a key visual is the most important way to recognize a product that you will be promoting through different mediums while keeping continuity. A key visual must communicate the values of your product simply and effectively by using compelling imagery that relates to the identity of the product.

Creative Content

Creative content is a wide variety of mediums ranging from video, gifs, animated graphics and illustrations to help promote your product uniquely and visually. You will use this creative content on the latest advertising platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram and anywhere else you might be seeking exposure on social media. I use my 3D animation and video editing background to create a motion advert to promote your products, services and offers while staying true to the brand and guidelines.


Collecting creative brief

You (the client) will be receiving a creative brief to fill out. The purpose of the brief is to ensure both parties have the critical information to understand the requirements and expectations of the project. The creative brief will outline brand guidelines, target audience, creative direction, assets, final deliverable, timeline, budget, and other essential information.


Presenting a proposal 

Once I have collected the creative brief, you will receive a proposal outlining the understanding of the project requirements and presenting the timeframe and cost of the project for approval.


Research and brainstorming

Once you have approved the proposal, I can start the research and brainstorming phase, based on the proposal and creative brief.  Next, I will compile a rough concept to communicate the overall idea and solution.


Develop design

Once you have approved the concept and overall direction, I will undertake a more polished design phase to clean up and finalize the concept.



The review stage allows for any tweaks and changes that you might require once presented with the developed design.



Supply the final deliverables outlined in the creative brief for the project.

Design Process

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